5 Essential Steps to Claim Dog Bite Injury

Got bitten by a dog whose owner failed to control it and then – to admit it? Despite the circumstances of the incident, you might be able to claim compensation. Some steps are essential for a successful claim, whether a dog bit you in a public place while walking in the park or in a vet clinic, waiting in a line. Of course, the success of your claim depends on many details and circumstances. However, here are the 5 steps you should be aware of.

1) Collect Contact Details

If the dog belongs to someone, sooner or later, you should see the owner around. Whether the owner saw the incident or not, obtain that person’s name and contact details. Moreover, look if there were any witnesses of the moment when a dog bit you. In case someone else saw it, collect their names and contact details.

2) Take Photos

In the heat of the moment, it’s hard to focus and think practically. However, the more evidence you have, the smoother the compensation claim process. By no means avoid confrontation and conflict, but if that is possible, take a photo of a dog and its owner. Also, take a picture of the injury right after the dog bite. Take one more after some time to show how injuries progressed.

3) Report the Incident to the Police

Report the dog bite to the police? Exactly. Now, this recommendation often surprises the dog bite victims, but if the incident is reported at the exact time when it happened, there’s more evidence. Therefore, it’s easier to prove the damage when seeking compensation.

4) Keep Hold of Damaged Property

Naturally, anything that reminds us of a stressful incident isn’t pleasant to keep. In this case, you shouldn’t give in to emotions or draw your conclusion that there will be no use of damaged personal items anyway. Take a picture of it and keep it – all the damaged property is proof you suffered a dog bite.

One more crucial thing – make notes. Write down everything that might help – the date, exact time, and place. Describe people around, the dog owner’s reaction, and what damage was done to your property. That little yet sometimes essential details are easy to forget in stressful situations.

5) Seek Medical Advice

Even though it’s something you want compensation for, first and foremost – it’s an injury, and you should seek medical advice. In fact, it might have serious consequences if the dog carries an infection. Regarding legal aspects here – collect receipts of any medical treatment, including vaccines.

These are some of the essential steps, but there are more important factors to consider. They always depend on an individual case. That’s why the best way to know whether you have a reasonable compensation claim and the steps towards a successful claim is to contact the lawyers in the UK. It’s wise to find a team working in your area, whether it’s London (адвокат в лондон), Sheffield, Bristol or any other city.

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