5 Questions to Ask a Rehab Clinic

Before you rush off and enlist yourself in any old rehab clinic, here’s what the professionals recommend you ask.

If you have been thinking about going to rehab, you might be wondering what the best way to choose a good one is. Here are some questions you should consider asking any potential rehab clinic before you decide to stay with them. Take our advice and don’t be scared to use their free consultations. Finding the right rehab for you could be the difference between a successful recovery and one that just doesn’t work out.

What to Ask a Rehab Centre?

If you are going to rehab, ask these questions first.

1 – How many rooms in your facility?

This only works with residential rehab clinics but it is an effective way to gauge how busy the days are likely to be. There are other reasons we ask it, though. Some rehab clinics are dayhab centres or are quasi-residential. Clients might travel into the centre through the day rather than stay over, to help reduce costs. Asking this question will find the underlying cause of what type of rehab clinic you are dealing with. It will also let you know how many numbers of other clients they have. Too high and you should look elsewhere. Too low, and you will struggle with group therapy sessions.

2 – Is the Detox Clinic Separate?

Some detox clinics are inside the rehab centre. Others aren’t. It’s worth knowing if you will need to travel into hospital or elsewhere to detox. It is easier to have detox and your rehab sessions in the same place, but it’s not always possible to do this.

3 – Do you do aftercare?

Aftercare is the care given during the process of leaving rehab and transitioning back into normal life. This is a tricky time for those addicts newly recovered. The more support a rehab clinic offers now, the more help you get to navigate your old problems when you emerge form the facility. We like the lifetime’s worth of aftercare offered by Verve Health. You just don’t get that level in British rehab industry elsewhere.

4 – How many staff are on?

You want to know that there is a team of medical professionals capable of handling any situation before you agree to attend. If your condition may cause withdrawal symptoms bad enough to cause delirium or stop your heart (like alcohol), you need an emergency team on standby.

5 – What workshops are there?

Asking what educational workshops you will have access to, can help you get back on track faster. A typical clinic will help you with interview skills, teach you how to navigate the stigma of rehab in social situations, or even just show you how to make a CV. Browsing these before hand can help give you an idea of how you will fill your rehab days.

Should I go to Rehab?

If you are still asking whether you should go to rehab or not, the answer is a yes. Those who don’t struggle with addiction never have to question if rehab is right for them or not. If you are asking the question, then the answer is already in front of you.

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