What options are available for straightening teeth?

Crowded or crooked teeth have been closely associated with feeling insecure about oneself. Those who have crooked teeth often feel that their smile is not beautiful and hence develop low self-esteem. Although it might not have many physiological disadvantages, crooked teeth can have a devastating effect on one’s mental health.

Having crooked teeth can be due to many reasons, both genetic and physical. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to get them treated if they are taking a toll on you. Fortunately, there is a range of developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Hence, various means have been developed to fix crooked teeth

A general view of teeth straightening procedures

In general, there are two ways in which teeth straightening procedures can be divided. The first is the orthodontic approach, whereby the underlying problem is identified and treated. This can be done with the help of Invisalign or braces. On the other hand, the cosmetic approach deals with crowns and dental veneers.

It is to be kept in mind that the cosmetic approach does not necessarily fix the problem but only provides a temporary solution. The process is mostly chosen for aesthetic purposes.

A brief understanding of the orthodontic approaches 

Much research and advancement in modern dentistry have provided various solutions to fix crooked teeth. This allows people of all ages to avail orthodontic treatments that will allow them to straighten their teeth. Some of these options include using lingual, ceramic, or metal braces.

Another popular method that is being used nowadays is clear aligner therapy. It is slightly different from the above-mentioned orthodontic treatments and has been providing promising results to adults in various age groups. These options solve the root cause of the problem and at the same timeprovide aesthetic value to the person.

How does the cosmetic approach work?

The above-mentioned orthodontic treatments for aligning teeth are often time-consuming. It is a process that takes patience and a long time. This is why the cosmetic approach is sometimes chosen by clients who want an immediate result. These cosmetic dentistry procedures do not straighten your teeth but mask the misalignment. It is done with the help of attaching crowns or veneers on top of the crooked teeth which helps to make them look aligned and much straighter.

Time taken in case of the orthodontic approach

The orthodontic approach will not be able to provide you with an immediate result.But once you go for it, you will not have to worry about your teeth anymore.

Depending on the type of braces that you get, the treatment time may vary quite extensively. If the orthodontist problem is mild-to-moderate, and only involves your front teeth, the process can be completed in just 6 months. However, when it comes to more complicated issues, getting to an ideal position might take even 24 months. Professional dentists always provide you with an estimated time after performing a clinical examination.They will also offer you an exhaustive treatment plan.

 So, what are you waiting for? Get your broken tooth fixed now!

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