Which type of dentist is best for you?

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is one of the first steps you can take in self-care. Even though we hardly acknowledge it, strong teeth, a healthy mouth and a confident smile can have a well-rounded effect on your overall well-being. Keeping this philosophy in mind, holistic dentistry seems to be the perfect option when you are looking for a dentist.  The holistic approach to dentistry does more than just focus on your dental health. It also allows you to improve your body functions, immune system, and overall mental and physical health.

What is holistic dentistry?

In holistic dentistry, the focus is on all aspects of your well-being. It tries to grasp a stronger understanding of how your mouth is being affected by the various external and internal factors around you. It is strongly linked to happiness and mindful living. This is where the most significant difference between traditional dentistry and holistic dentistry seems to be.

A holistic dentist works with you and not on you. They create channels of communication. You can discuss the various ways you can improve your dental hygiene, which in turn will also improve your general health. They provide you with suggestions for making lifestyle changes that increase your quality of life and not just your oral health. This provides greater scope to enhance your life when you shift from or choose a holistic dentist in comparison to a traditional one.

The various benefits of choosing a holistic dentist include:

Customized treatment plan

To a holistic dentist, every patient is unique. Even when patients showcase the same problems, holistic dentistry dictates taking a more personalized route. So, a dentist following this philosophy will conduct extensive research on you.He will provide you with a treatment and management plan that is best suited for you.

Less dependent on medications

In holistic dentistry, much focus is exerted on the natural and innate healing ability of our body. There is a trend to minimize prescribing strong medications and painkillers that can have serious side effects. Since medicines often are associated with long-term side effects, the focus of holistic dentistry is on natural methods towards recovery.

Use of minimally invasive surgery

One of the ways the holistic approach tries to minimize the use of painkillers and medications is by opting for less invasive procedures.This also reduces the time it takes to heal from the more intrusive surgical methods. Modern surgical options like the pinhole surgical technique have proved to provide more successful results while being less intense or invasive. This is the kind of procedure holistic dentists rely on.

Betterment of your immune system

Holistic dentistry prescribes and focuses on making better lifestyle choices. These include exercise, sleep quality, proper food intake, and reinforcing healthy habits. All of these play a significant role in strengthening your immune system and building resilience.

All in all, it can be seen that a holistic dentist is a perfect choice when choosing a dentist. Holistic dentistry comes with insurmountable benefits and also reinstates a better lifestyle.

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